Unleash the Motivation for Change

I’ve long been a subscriber to Russell Ackoff’s principles, renowned for his pioneering work in Systems Thinking and Management f-Laws (yes, Ackoff spelt the last word that way intentionally). As a famed professor at the Wharton School, he remains a timeless figure whose insights continue to resonate profoundly with my work in change management and …

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Asking the Right Questions

This year, we hit a milestone in our business – celebrating 30 years – of serving customers across different sectors on three continents. It’s an opportunity to reflect on what we have been asked more often than anything else as we engage with clients. We have been asked one question more often than any other …

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The Keystone Business System

To capture the significance of a keystone, let’s first put it in perspective. A keystone in architecture is a central, wedge-shaped stone designed to support the weight of the arch. It distributes the forces acting upon it. When a load is applied to the arch, such as the weight of the structure, the arch exerts …

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Effectiveness first - then assess the efficiency level to achieve your ultimate level of productivity.

Which would you rather achieve: Effectiveness or Efficiency

Since the dawn of the first Industrial Revolution (1760-1814), businesses have struggled to achieve a balance between profitability, growth, efficiency, and effectiveness.  Actually, the struggle lies with aligning the resources and evolving the capabilities to meet the ever-changing needs resulting from the economic shifts. Now in the ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution, more than 260 years …

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