The Connection to Productivity

Substantial evidence indicates that stress and burnout are significant factors affecting productivity. You already know this!  So then, what causes all that stress and burnout? Did you know that 86% of employees have experienced moderate to extreme stress in the past year, primarily from work?  This is according to Headspace, in their recently published Workforce …

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Unleash the Motivation for Change

I’ve long been a subscriber to Russell Ackoff’s principles, renowned for his pioneering work in Systems Thinking and Management f-Laws (yes, Ackoff spelt the last word that way intentionally). As a famed professor at the Wharton School, he remains a timeless figure whose insights continue to resonate profoundly with my work in change management and …

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Asking the Right Questions

This year, we hit a milestone in our business – celebrating 30 years – of serving customers across different sectors on three continents. It’s an opportunity to reflect on what we have been asked more often than anything else as we engage with clients. We have been asked one question more often than any other …

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A Change Long Overdue

Some would say that risks have changed dramatically over the past decade or more.  While the risks may have changed, what hasn’t is the practice of how risks are managed. What I witnessed as ‘risk management’ in the early 1990s is much the same today, though much is touted about the value added that comes …

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