Unleash the Motivation for Change

I’ve long been a subscriber to Russell Ackoff’s principles, renowned for his pioneering work in Systems Thinking and Management f-Laws (yes, Ackoff spelt the last word that way intentionally). As a famed professor at the Wharton School, he remains a timeless figure whose insights continue to resonate profoundly with my work in change management and …

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The Keystone Business System

To capture the significance of a keystone, let’s first put it in perspective. A keystone in architecture is a central, wedge-shaped stone designed to support the weight of the arch. It distributes the forces acting upon it. When a load is applied to the arch, such as the weight of the structure, the arch exerts …

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Effectiveness first - then assess the efficiency level to achieve your ultimate level of productivity.

Which would you rather achieve: Effectiveness or Efficiency

Since the dawn of the first Industrial Revolution (1760-1814), businesses have struggled to achieve a balance between profitability, growth, efficiency, and effectiveness.  Actually, the struggle lies with aligning the resources and evolving the capabilities to meet the ever-changing needs resulting from the economic shifts. Now in the ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution, more than 260 years …

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