Unleash the Motivation for Change

I’ve long been a subscriber to Russell Ackoff’s principles, renowned for his pioneering work in Systems Thinking and Management f-Laws (yes, Ackoff spelt the last word that way intentionally). As a famed professor at the Wharton School, he remains a timeless figure whose insights continue to resonate profoundly with my work in change management and …

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Where is the Thinking Leading Us?

We need a reality check on the many ‘studies’ that have been published in recent months about various business challenges.  Their focus ranges from executives’ thinking time, organizational alignment, and capabilities for effective execution. These are in light of the dramatic changes that are foreseen to be brought on by AI. In the other court …

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Making Sense of Sense-Making

If ever you thought disconnect and dysfunction don’t happen in your organization, I invite you to read this post by my colleague and guest writer, Geoff Marlow. By Geoff Marlow, on Substack                                       15 Jan 2023 “The one who knows he is confused is not that confused.” — Zhuangzi ¹ In organisational life, lots of attention and …

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