Which is the Bigger Risk – Creative Solutions or the Status Quo

This is the time of year numerous reports and research papers release new insights about what CEO’s and the whole C-suite are generally struggling with. It gets pretty repetitive.

We all know that three constants will always be there – Strategy, Change and Risk.

This year’s summaries are like that. They use assorted terms to frame the challenges in the executive suites, such as inflation, cost cutting, supply chain issues, talent shortages, tech disruptions, efficiencies, pricing, energy transitions, DEI, ESG, organizational structure, innovation, and process and business model redesign.

What each of the different terms has in common is three things:

  1. To effectively deal with the issues, they each need a strategy.
  2. Once a strategy is formulated, they will instigate a change initiative.
  3. Both the strategy and the changes are sources of risk.

What I do know to be true is that the status quo is a highway to nowhere.

I have yet to read a report that identifies the tools that the C-suite needs to support the shifts in strategy, causing a series of changes and risks. I’d like to introduce you to the tools our clients have found invaluable. Just hit ‘reply’ and let me know when you’re available to connect.

Since we are on the topic of innovation and being creative . . . This week, Ed Bernacki, one of my colleagues from our faculty days at the Schulich Executive Education Centre, wrote an interesting article. With his permission, I want to share it with you.

It is titled, Which is a Bigger Risk – Creative Solutions or the Status Quo? I hope you’ll take this opportunity to read it.

Innovation is a big topic – One that must be aligned with the strategic direction, intent and organizational capabilities. Innovation can be painful but exciting. It spurs fresh thinking and scary new ideas. Innovation becomes a distinct capability for a company – when others look on, they want to copy it.

Many business leaders struggle to align their company’s resources and capabilities to ever-changing needs.

We created a distinctive framework that leverages your blend of capabilities to master STRATEGY, CHANGE and RISK. It enables you to achieve your objectives, boost employee engagement and better connect with customers.

When you’re ready to learn more about how the framework and a focused approach can change the course of your business outcomes, reach out directly and let’s talk.


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