We Help You Raise The Bar
On Program Management

Program Management is NOT Project Management

At Uvidi, taking a systematic and repeatable approach to Program Management results in successful execution for our clients every time. We deliver value beyond schedule, budget and scope.

Whether your company is undergoing high profile IT changes or a significant business transformation, we understand the many ways that changes will impact business performance and value. True value from important programs is achieved through a strong program management approach. There are many reasons why a company would take a Program Management approach versus a Project discipline. We can help you explore your options.

In a Program oriented organization, the Program Consultant takes on the role of the Business Manager.

When the focus is on Integration

A program consultant is focused on integration and synchronization of workflow outcomes and multiple project deliverables to create an integrated solution that aligns with the organizational strategy.

When the focus is on Business

  • A program consultant is empowered to lead a program and is held accountable for its execution.
  • The consultant is the business manager, subject matter expert and primary contact with the client.
  • The consultant has financial, strategic, schedule and quality responsibility for the client program.

Uvidi’s key differentiator with Program Management is the proven methodology we apply to ensure that the program is tightly linked to the organizational strategy and serves as the implementation mechanism that realizes strategic business objectives.

Key distinctions of the Uvidi Program Management Consultant:

  • Participates in defining the program’s organizational structure, roles, and responsibilities with the Senior Leadership;
  • Is part of the business management function;
  • Is not limited to Program Administration or executing projects;
  • Has a strong business focus and sufficient relevant subject matter expertise;
  • Accomplishes effective benefits management;
  • Is accountable for program execution;
  • Is the principal conduit for communication, briefings and updates, among other activities;
  • Maintains on-going diligence for alignment between program and organizational strategy;
  • Operates within a demanding framework of proficiencies that demonstrate the true understanding of the role and skills required to operate as a program management executive.

Skills you can expect in a program consultant:

  • Leadership, stakeholder management
  • Communication
  • Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Think broadly, manage horizontally and execute top-down
  • Soft skills

If your company is currently Project Oriented, we can help you determine if your teams are ready to transition to a program model that will help you raise the bar.