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On Problem Solving

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Learning how to break down and solve complex problems is a necessary core skill in the business world. The more complex and multi-faceted your business is, the more your problem-solving skills and techniques will be put to the test.

Whether your business is centralized or distributed locally, nationally or internationally, one thing is certain; at some point, you will face a complex issue that will demand deep problem-solving capabilities, including fresh perspective, insights, and techniques that will get you to the heart of the matter.

We utilize basic principles that define the path to successful problem solving.
Solving it, such that it won’t return.

We treat every client’s business as a community, no matter how small or large. It is the client community that is involved in deciding on the fit of the right solution to the problem. Effective problem solving engages the mental, analytical, creative and logical thinking skills necessary for a solution. In order to actually solve a problem, we look for certain conditions to exist before recommending a direction or solution. If they don’t exist, we’ll find a way to adapt.

  • Have a common understanding of the key drivers – this requires asking the big ‘no-brainer’ questions first that will define the problem in its simplest terms;
  • Access hard data that will prove or disprove the ’gut instinct’ for the most effective method to resolve the problem – this principle moves the data to a measurable level of understanding that is often irrefutable.
  • Ability to apply multidisciplinary thinking toward a resolution - meaning practical wisdom, elementary concepts, removing biases, and thinking of the problem as inverted (thinking backward, as well as forward)
  • Probability of delivering controllable and predictable outcomes – systems thinking allows us to determine just much complexity exists and what it contributes to emerging risks.

Engaging with our problem-solving approach leaves you with the capabilities you need to realize key business objectives with less risk, less cost and improved performance metrics.

Once there is an understanding for the scope of work to be undertaken, we will have established the communication and accountability processes with the stakeholders.

We don’t begin by boiling the ocean! We rather focus on being thorough with the review and analysis in order to prove or disprove the key drivers and ignore that which is not immediately relevant.

We approach each client situation with urgency! Leaving a problem unresolved only creates more cost.