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We Help You Raise The Bar
On Compliance Management

What Makes A Great Compliance Strategy?
How will you know if you have the right strategy?

Meeting regulatory compliance requirements involves a complex ecosystem of stakeholders. We have worked with them all; Front Office, Operations, Technology, Supplier Networks, Finance, Risk, Legal and Custodians.

When new regulations are introduced or current ones modified, the right compliance objective and strategy are the central determining factors to achieving effectiveness, efficiency, and mitigating regulatory risks. Fundamental to the compliance strategy is an honest assessment of what can reasonably be achieved within corporate constraints, such as budget, systems, people, processes, and capabilities.

Compliance management need NOT be an endless money pit!

The blueprint to achieve objectives must constantly be updated and improved. Renewal helps companies to continue to move in unison with the demands of the internal and external environments. Compliance Management is no different. A fresh look at how compliance is executed can reveal opportunities to do it better and at lower cost.

Organizations are well served to re-examine their compliance structures, strategies and capabilities. The past decade has seen implementation of one rule after another, with little time to strategically consider how effective compliance processes will be after the rule is implemented. Compliance failures occur when processes and systems are inadequately monitored within the roles and responsibilities of the operational risk management functions and capabilities. The two are inextricably tied together; contributing to complex compliance issues, increases in cost, reporting and workload.

Uvidi compliance consultants specialize in helping companies to refresh their strategies to meet their compliance needs and objectives.

This may include better managing information, identifying data quality issues, improving efficiencies, reducing risk, and selecting or deploying new technologies for compliance management. We examine your compliance objectives from every angle—capabilities, technology, competition and trends. Our pragmatic approach to compliance strategy and management provides you with a methodology for measuring your effectiveness and adjusting to course-correct.

Our innovative and pragmatic approach to compliance management is our differentiator.

In addressing compliance requirements, we have been innovators at reducing our clients’ cost of compliance for more than 20 years. We help you raise the bar on how compliance standards are met. We apply three principles that form the framework that is adapted to create for cost-effective compliance management outcomes for our clients:

  • Compliance Strategy, Budget and Plan
  • Emerging Compliance Risk
  • Compliance Management Structure

We have systematized the strategic elements in a manner that is consistent and repeatable; therefore cost effective for our clients. Helping organizations achieve successful results at their optimal cost and performance is our main purpose and business motivation.

Ask us about conducting a Compliance Review for your organization. The value you will gain includes:

  • An external objective perspective on your overall compliance objectives and strategy;
  • An external objective perspective on your specific compliance management approach;
  • Early identification of any regulatory risk exposures;
  • Leverage the experience of informed and seasoned industry consultants;
  • Improved preparation for your next audit;
  • Reduced potential for violation by addressing any compliance issues early.
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