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  • The following assessment will provide you with a result that will measure your current perceived degrees of alignment between your strategy(ies) and the effectiveness of their execution, in the context of people, processes/technologies and customers/stakeholders.
  • While this assessment is not comprehensive it will highlight key areas that are often sources of strategic and operational risks (and at times, failures) across business sectors.
  • Most companies do not strive to be 100% effective, that is a fact. Consequently, we have applied a common expectation of effectiveness in each of the areas taken from more than 400 assessments completed to date, in as many different organizations.
  • To gain greater value from this assessment, we invite you to consider what you would expect in terms of effectiveness in executing strategies in the context of the risks you are willing to take to get that result, in deploying people, processes and technologies.
  • The completed assessment will be returned to the email address provided within 3 business days.

A Strategic and Operational Alignment Assessment

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Our Strategies (Strategic Alignment)

Our People (Strategic Alignment)

Processes and/ or Systems (Operational Alignment)

Customers and/or Stakeholders (Operational Alignment)

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