UVIDI Raise The Bar

We turn transformational change and operational challenges into strategic opportunities.

We help our clients to overcome the business challenges associated with change and achieving strategic objectives. We’ve been solving problems, reducing risk, designing solutions and managing programs for over 30 years – it’s part of our identity. We work with businesses to help them execute their strategic priorities and achieve results by reducing their risks and ensuring that decisions are aligned to the values of the organization.


Clients Speak

  • Senior Consultant
    Operational Risk Management as an integrated system is a relatively young discipline.  Using the Alignment Tools is thought leadership in the advancement of the discipline of Risk Management.
    Senior Consultant
    Jefferson Wells
  • Neil M
    Using the Risk Delta™ Alignment approach is an effective tool to analyze risks and is more practical than theoretical. These are tools and disciplines every organization needs to survive in today’s world.
    Neil M
    Director, East York Access Centre
  • Lena
    The approach to risk is highly recommended for healthcare risk managers. The theory, methods and tools work! I know, because I’ve used them successfully. Learn from the expert consultants in the field.
    Risk Manager, Mental Health Centre, Penetanguishene
  • Executive
    Understanding the implications of alignment, I can now access a more systematic approach in managing risk.  It will assist my planning in future product development.
    Client Services, Manulife Financial
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